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Positive mind leads to a healthy body

Mind and body are more connected than we thought. We know when someone is ill, we can appreciate the symptoms, fever, headache, tiredness, sore throat, rash, among others. Our bodies show us different signals that make us think we are sick and we rapidly associate them to an infection provoked by virus, bacteria or fungus. However, it is not always like that, sometimes the origin is in ourselves, in our minds. There is a close connection between mind and body, if we feel mentally sick due to stress, anxiety or depression, our body will respond as well.

Symptoms of a stressed body

Maybe the most common symptom of stress or anxiety is the headache joined to difficulties in concentrating. Everybody has experienced this after a long period of stress. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more behind these mental pathologies.

To start with an example, when we feel sick, with dizziness, stomach ache, nausea, the first thing that comes to our minds is that maybe we ate spoiled food. However, the connexion between mind and stomach has been always ignored. There is a chronic pathology called “irritable bowel syndrome“, which summarises all these mentioned symptoms. And you may wonder, what is it exactly? The irritable bowel syndrome is a pathology provoked by stress and nervousness, when the person who suffers from this syndrome is stressed, he starts feeling sick, with an extreme urgency of going to the toilet, there are periods of diarrhea and periods of constipation.

Another interesting case of the connection between mind and body. Did you know that there are people allergic to stress? In fact, there are cases of people who have a rash when they are under a long period of stress, just like an allergic reaction. In addition to this, there are other skin pathologies that show up with a stressed mind, such as thrush in the mouth or eczema. 

Moreover, intern effects caused by stress also appear. Depression, anxiety and stress are quite dangerous to our immune system, it has been proved to reduce our defenses making our body more susceptible to illnesses. Didn’t you notice that when you are stressed you catch a cold more easily? Another good example would be the emergence of herpes virus in the lips. There is a huge part of the population infected by herpes virus, the major part does nor realize it because, after the first infection, the virus remains dormant for months or years. After a period of stress the defences of the body drecrease, allowing the activation of the dormant virus. In fact, this is not the only intern effect of stress, it also accelerates the aging process in our bodies.

What can be done?

In a nutshell, our health depends on us, a healthy mind is translated into a healthy body. We have to take care of ourselves and try to reduce the sickly stress that life brings us due to our hectic lifestyle. Work in ourselves is a must, it can be done by working out, practicing our hobbies, taking a day off. Physical exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress due to the endorphine release. Another advice would be to enhance our social relationships, we should take a break to talk with our workmates in order to be distracted and think less in our problems.

Life is done to enjoy, to laugh and not to be stressed. When we are under a long stress period we are killing ourselves inside. Now the ball is in our court to change our lifestyle to another more relaxed. A healthy mind allows us life more and better.

Written by Sara García Sánchez

Message to reader: Any information on this blog is for informational purposes only. It is not intended in any way to replace professional figures in the medical and consultancy fields.

Messaggio al lettore: Ogni informazione presente in questo blog è puramente a scopo informativo. Non si intende in nessun modo sostituire figure professionali in campo medico e di consulenza.


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